Founded as a TU Darmstadt spin-off in 2016, COMPREDICT has successfully developed a software that helps make vehicle life cycle design more sustainable, minimizing the eco footprint.

  • HCP Sense

    Wind turbines, combine harvesters, kitchen appliances, and machine tools: they all need anti-friction bearings. They make sure that rotating systems work smoothly. HCP Sense empowers such bearings to be fit for digital production.

    Image: HCP Sense

  • NanoWired

    NanoWired GmbH – recently “Winner” at the Falling Walls conference – aims its products at anything in need of connections. Counting on nanometre-tiny conductive metal wires.

    Image: NanoWired

  • etalytics

    Efficient and sustainable? When applying these criteria, conventional controlling procedures for energy systems reach their limits. etalytics GmbH has developed a data- and AI-based energy management system.

    Image: Stefan Wildhirt/LEA Hessen


    Video analyses have the potential to significantly improve athletic performance – even at Olympic games or at Bundesliga football levels. ATHLYZER GmbH makes this possible with an app, even for amateur sports.

    Image: ATHLYZER

  • CORAmaps

    They use radar signals to observe agricultural land all over the world, and they want to succeed on the market using an AI-based technology that’s more precise, faster, and more reliable than the already existing solutions.

    Image: CORAmaps

  • Randalyn Rage

    Lara Wietschorke, Michelle Martinussen and Jennifer Stark are start-up entrepreneurs in the gaming industry: supported by stakeholders at TU Darmstadt, they have taken the step into self-employment.

    Image: Randalyn Rage

  • Lylu

    For elderly people, too, large parts of everyday life get shifted into the digital realm, definitely since Corona. For them to be able to move around there with confidence, start-up Lylu – coached by HIGHEST – has launched a new app.

    Image: Lylu

  • MagnoTherm Solutions

    For cooling systems that go easy on the climate and are sustainable, MagnoThermSolutions uses no noxious gases, but instead a mix of solid materials whose cooling action is controlled via magnetic field.

    Image: Alisa Chirkova

  • meshcloud

    meshcloud has specialised on cloud technologies. This start-up offers its clients a solution to administrate complex (multi-) cloud environments in a more efficient, more secure, and more transparent manner.

    Image: Alexandra Repp

  • ALCAN Systems

    This start-up company is a flagship among TU Darmstadt spin-offs. The product: smart antennas based on electronically controllable liquid crystals which can automatically align themselves to satellite signals.

    Image: ALCAN Systems

  • Wingcopter

    A long-distance drone which embodies the advantages of a multi-copter and an airplane to reach even the most remote locations. This start-up company has transformed its technology into a ready-to-market product.

    Image: Wingcopter

Titelbild: Thomas Ott / TU Darmstadt